About Me

I am currently working towards my PhD in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, USA. I recently completed my BASc in Nanotechnology Engineering at the University of Waterloo, Canada. My areas of interest are in the biomedical devices; more specifically in medical imaging, diagnostics and point-of-care. I believe that with nanotechnology we will be able to improve current methods; making diagnostics, monitoring and treatment much simpler. My academic interests are in biomedical optics, ultrasound, nano-materials, and robotics. I will be updating my site with more information in the upcoming months!

When I am not taking new classes, I like to practice my coding on ProjectEuler. I primarily code in python, but will turn to MATLAB when required.

I am passionate about open source alternatives. The cost savings and community make the switch worthwhile. I realize that it is not an all encompassing solution, however for the average enthusiast or hacker, these are great tools to know! Here are some of the open source communities I am involved with:

  • Arduino, an open source microcontroller
  • Python, a high-level general-purpose programming language
  • RepRap, a self replicating Rapid Prototype (3D Printer)