UWNRG – Nano Robotics Group

Project Directors: Keith Perris (2009-2010), Derek Bennewies (2010-2011), Dusan Sarenac (2011-2013), Ryan Kearns (2013-2014)


The University of Waterloo NanoRobotics Group (UW_NRG) is an undergraduate student team and research group that utilizes MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) manipulation technology to explore technological marvels at the micro-scale. By encouraging collaboration amongst industrious undergraduate students and supportive professors, the group is able to generate novel ideas that showcase the utility and ingenuity of microrobots.


I am no longer a member of the club, however I am still active with the club as a technical advisor. I’ve been involved with the UW Nano Robotics Group (UW_NRG) ever since my first year in university. Over the next 5 years, I’ve held different positions in the business and technical side of things, as a member, a team leader, and finally as the project director. I have helped the team achieve multiple international victories. It’s a club that I have always been passionate about – working with robots that are smaller than a grain of rice! UW_NRG competes annually in the Mobile Microrobotics Challenge (MMC) hosted at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) every year. I wish them many future victories!

UW_NRG at ICRA 2012

UWNRG in St. Paul, Minnesota (2012). Top: Taylor Petrick, Andy Heller, Dusan Sarenac, Ryan Kearns. Bottom: Michael Leung, Kamilah Carter, Ann Demaiter, Ashley Paley, Max Palumbo



UWNRG in Shanghai, China (2011). Left to Right: NIST Representative 1, NIST Representative 2 (Possibly  Jason Gorman and Craig McGray), Dusan Sarenac, Max Palumbo, Depayne Athia, Cory Lee, Derek Bennewies, Garry Ng, Michael Leung

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